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Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch Marks Removal

Many individuals despise how stretch marks look on their body, so they search for an extend check evacuation treatment to help them in the alleviation that the tension from extend marks brings them. Around 80% of lady have stretch marks. Extend imprints are scarring of the skin that have an off tint shading to them. They are straight, showing up on the surface of the skin. Stretch marks, or striae distensae, are exceptionally normal and are once in a while an indication of a medicinal condition. They will regularly show up on the backside, stomach area, trunk, armpits, thighs, upper arms, and bosoms on people and are ordinarily effortless. They are seen regularly in those that have as of late put on or shed pounds, those that are stout, and those that are pregnant. Stretch imprints can likewise happen because of becoming too quick, amid hormonal changes and amid adolescence. Stretch marks can be hereditary, so a lady whose mother had stretch marks will probably get them if their mom had stretch marks in the wake of conveying her.

Treatments for Stretch marks Removal:-

(A) CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment:- It is one of the most effective procedure for strech marks removal. It is an FDA approved procedure that is known for best results with long lasting effects. It is one of the most popular treatment as it provide multi benefits to the skin. It is effective on all parts of body and can treat new as well as old stretch marks which is suitable for both men and women. No downtime and no recovery is required for this procedure. It smoothes the skin, and can improve the overall skin appearance. It overall time required for this treatment is around 30 min. There is no side effects of this procedure.

(B) Chemical Peels:- In this procedure a chemical solution is applied to the skin as a result of which it removes the top layer of the skin. Which activates the new skin cells that results in formation of fresh looking skin.

(C) Microdermabrasion:- Crystals from a hand held device that will blow onto the skin in order to polish the skin. As a result dead skin cells will be vacuumed up with the crystals that will reveal formation of a newer looking skin.

Strech Marks

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