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Skin Warts & Tags Removal

Skin Warts & Tags Removal

In medical terms skin tags are known as fibroepithelial papilloma. A Skin tag is a small, non-cancerous growth of tissue of the skin. Skin tags are annoying, but they are not dangerous. Normally skin tags appear in folds of the skin such as around the eyes, neck base area and in the underarm area, but they can appear anywhere mostly in spots where skin rubs together.


Skin Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) that normally appear on the fingernails or on the hands. There are three types of warts which is listed below:-

  1. Genital warts
  2.  Flat warts
  3. Plantar warts
  4. Causes of Skin tags?


The correct reason for skin tags formation is unknown, however as they have a tendency to seem most in areas of skin folds, they might be an outcome from skin rubbing against each other. Resistance to insulin and higher growth of hormones are some possible reasons to the development of skin tags.
CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment:-
Is one of the most advanced procedure that is able to treat your Skin Tags & Warts problem effectively. An intense beam of light in controlled manner is used to destroy the affected skin tissues and it also removes the layers of skin tissue in fractionated method to help reduce skin tags as well as warts in safest manner. This procedure is USA FDA approved and it is the best treatment if you want to get most results with one treatment.

Skin Tag Removal

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