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Pigmentation refers to the hypo-pigmentation and Hyper-pigmentation of the skin. These conditions can cause skin discoloration because of increased melanin production. Melanin protects us from the side effects of harmful sunlight. The level of pigmentation varies from person to person some disorders effects their whole body while others just patches of skin.

The main causes of skin pigmentation are:-

Ultra Violet Rays(UVR)Exposure

  • Vitamin A & C deficiencies
  • Fatty acid deficiencies
  • Reaction to drugs
  • Hormonal changes

The examples of skin pigmentation disorders are:-

Vitiligo:- It is a type of hypo-pigmentation which is generally caused by the loss of melanocytes which is known as pigment producing cells. As a result of which appearance of white patches on the skin takes place which are extremely sensitive. The most frequently affected areas of this pigmentation are on the face, abdomen, armpits, hand and wrists area.

Melasma:- It is another type of Hyper-pigmentation that usually found in women which affects the body exposed to the sun. Due to excessive exposure to the sun can cause tanning that will make your condition more worse. Cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin are the main affected areas.

Treatments for Skin Pigmentation are:-

  • Medical Facials.
  • Chemical Peels.
  • Carbon Blasting

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