Anti Aging Treatment

Anti Aging Treatment

Skin aging is one of the major concern these days. With time our skin tends to look dry, dull and fine lines start to appear. Dwindling glow and wrinkles are some other signs of aging. The main factors that cause skin aging are intrinsic and extrinsic having main categories which is listed below:-

1.) Environmental.
2.) Biological.

How these factors effect your skin are explained below:-

1.) Environmental

It is part of extrinsic factor that can be controlled. The various environmental factors are pollution, harmful sun rays and weather that damage our skin and leading it to signs of ageing. From all these factors sun exposure is the top most reason of ageing skin because the harmful Ultra Violet rays from sun are responsible for up to 90% damage on skin that results in aging skin which is known as photoaging. Photoaging causes damage to skin moisture barriers which results into dark spots, sagging skin, wrinkles formation, uneven skin tone, dry skin and a rough texture. It not depends on age you are, protect your skin from harmful sun(ultra violet) rays with sunscreen to prevent signs of aging.

2.) Biological

It is part of intrinsic factor which is genetically programmed. As we grow older our hormones affects our skin that results in slowing down the regeneration capabilities of our skin. These changes can be controlled by healthy lifestyle.

Skin Allure Aesthetic Clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical anti aging treatments. These treatments are so effective for all age groups and helpful in targeting specific skin aging problems. Anti aging treatments helps in achieving the skin that has a more young appearance as well as a healthy glow. The anti aging treatments that we offer are Botox, Fillers & HIFU.


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